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Company & Product

Zippity was an internet software company that provided tools for employers in hospitality and retail to algorithmically find ideal candidates for positions. It allowed for job searchers to create a profile on the site by filling out relevant information about themselves. They would then be able to browse a list of workplaces and submit their profiles. The product enabled workplaces to present their unique culture and attract candidates who share their values.


Zippity was positioned as a new way to look for a job in hospitality and retail. The goal of the design was to appear as a refreshing and useful new tool. Simplicity was also a central theme of the product and as such the design needed to reflect that.

Job Searcher Profile

The searcher profile was a job searchers virtual Résumé. It needed to be easy to understand and simple to fill out. Almost the same design would have to be used for the view the searcher saw when looking at their own profile and what a workplace saw browsing a searcher's profile.

Employer Profile

The workplace profile helps workplaces showcase their culture. There is a large emphasis on custom photography. Each profile also featured a background video in the header. Modularity was key to these designs since some workplaces would upload more content than others. The design needed to be adaptable to different amounts of content.